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My name is Moses Hungiapuko.

I am a determined individual with strong leadership qualities, with experience in political candidacy and public relations based in St. Paul Minnesota, seeking the opportunity to become a strong voice and delegate on behalf of our communities.

I am thrilled to share my interest with likeminded individuals and organizations. As an engaged and highly motivated professional who continues to seek development and leadership, in pursuit of refining my career goals. My passion is to help change people lives for the better, guide those to make right decisions to move forward and achieve their goals. Through public speaking I have impacted many lives, including audiences ranging from the twin cities to constituents at the United Nations. I get great personal satisfaction out of assisting others, most especially those in our community, let alone, partnering alongside organizations that maintain an emphasis on community engagement. Further due, my professional experience includes careers in federal government, education, legal administration, diplomatic liaisons, and Public affairs. Above all, I am always looking for great opportunities in public speaking to convey the importance of civic duty in our communities.


I am an engaged and highly motivated professional with experience which includes a career within federal government with the Department of Justice under the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of New Jersey. In addition to my public service, I have had the opportunity to work alongside United Nations as a diplomatic liaison and public affairs officer through discussion and speech regarding community sustainability and expansion.

I have continued to learn and gain leadership skills through the Minneapolis Regional Chambers Committee’s Leadership Twin Cities Cohort which has enhanced my skills built through my education, professional practices and the tough times we are experiencing.

I believe the primary role of a government is to establish and develop a prosperous society, through the dignity of a transparent Leadership. A proper governing body should set an example for outstanding citizenry so that future generations are ready for leadership. As local authorities, our duties are to protect and create a flourishing neighborhood.

During the 2022 general elections in the state of Minnesota, I ran for mayor of the city of Lauderdale. As a mayoral candidate, I ran a grassroot nonpartisan campaign in efforts to build a stronger community amongst my constituents.

My political career has taken shape through the years where I have honed my ability developing public policies through legislative work and community activism. As an educator I possess a broad knowledge of academic related issues that are integral to legislative topics. As a volunteer educator with Educators 4 Excellence E4E, I helped push for promising legislation on safer and better educational policies. In like manner, I worked on Student Inclusion and Engagement Act to improve student learning, particularly students of color and students with disabilities that face disproportionately high suspension and expulsion rates due to none-violent behavior.

I have been an avid participant in city council meetings including St. Paul, Minneapolis, Lauderdale and other organizations to learn from the greater community. I will continue to push to enact state level legislation, that will bring tangible change in the right direction for Minnesota.

Political Aspirations

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My duties are my priority & that means undertaking the issues that are important to my community while doing what is necessary. Likewise, when we do work to give back to our community, we acknowledge that that task requires a genuine & transparent role of leadership. Our communities need avid listeners, those that will provide practical solutions & ultimately honor the voices of our citizens. I am always looking forward to bringing a unique spark to our society & becoming the model of leadership our members deserve.

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Community Values

Public Safety

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In order to address & promote public safety the aim should be to educate our communities by raising full awareness. This can be accomplished by developing the proper protocol & practice required & deemed lawful to alleviate any doubts of insecurity in our neighborhoods. This includes facilitating the alliance with our local government & law enforcement to protect & ensure the safety of our citizens.

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Affordable Living

The cost of living has gone up exponentially in our country, most specifically affecting our urban residence this impacting low-income communities, at the same time wages are going down. Affordability versus the housing market, reduce

The cost of living has increased exponentially within our country based on our economic infrastructure which has significantly impacted low-income communities that are predominantly housed by minority demographic groups. The cost of living continues to rise while the minimum wage continues to either stay the same or disproportionately rises with the cost of living. Every time there is an opportunity to create livable wages, living goes up. There needs to be regulated rules regarding the cost of living to increase financial stability and sustainability for all community members not just those within a higher yet small demographic.

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Major cities and towns host a variety of small to large infrastructure projects that consume the cost of most projects in municipalities. Urban roads and highways tend to mitigate a good amount of the daily travel of the populated demographics, making sure construction doesn’t obstruct the daily living of our neighborhoods and community. The constant reform of building structures for the sake of gentrification is affecting and misplacing the needs of our communities. Equity within districts require all members to know the significant and impactful changes that influence long term development and decisions that will dictate the foundation and basis of the sustainability of the neighborhood. It is important that the state support the growth of new housing projects, however, we should revisit the cost of living and affordability as it is more important. We should also continue to encourage home ownership while investing development funds into stabilizing the housing market.

Housing & Infrastructure

Ecology Community Resources

Community Resources

Having access to tools and information is an important part of being able to thrive as a community. It is necessary to know where funding is being allocated and identify barriers to community growth. To do this I am poised to practice transparency and challenge disparities between government in community. Being aware of what is available is half the battle, the other part is to be able to utilize these resources successfully for whatever needs may arise for and within our neighborhood and its residents.



I believe in the strength of a collective community. Family first is a priority of my own and bringing people together in unity as neighbors is key to our growth and sustainability to building a community. I would like to see our local and major cities become an outstanding symbol of solidarity to the rest of the nation as a solid community. Everyone in our neighborhoods will benefit from this.

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Education is fundamentally essential to the values of our community. Everyone deserves to obtain a proper education, but not everyone will receive one. This is because most economically deprived communities will not have the same opportunity to secure a fair or standard education system, due to lack of proper funding, resources, infrastructure and social economic status. We need our state lawmakers to agree on transparent Institutional funding for our schools. This must include safe and secure facilities, tools and resources with fair excess to better learning.

I possess a broad knowledge of academic related issues that are integral to student and community interaction. As a Volunteer along with other educators, I helped push for promising legislation on safer and better educational policies. In like manner, I worked on Student Inclusion and Engagement Act to improve student learning. Particularly for students of color and students with disabilities that face disproportionately high suspension and expulsion rates due to none-violent behavior which is usually induced by communal, mental/emotional, and socioeconomic disadvantages.

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Socio- Economics

Economic development is key to the revitalization of a community. As a collective society we express monetary value through the economy. Our overall understanding is that this system generates monetary funds through consumerism, businesses, government and financial institutions. Most importantly, jobs hold wages for employees and as profit for business; eventually this will drive spending and evaluation of the GDP. Community based economics is also important to the strength of the economy because it shows an immediate distribution of financial venture and community assets. Putting more money back into our communities by creating opportunities for low-income residence in order to open businesses and programs that will encourage meaningful living. This will allow for alleviation of social economic disadvantages in communities.

Social economic distribution and disparity are tools used to validate and invalidate the dispersion of wealth in society. This enforces the component of the socio-economic status such as education, social class and generational wealth. In today’s society socio economics tends to impact urban and rural communities the most.

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Senior Advocacy

As an advocate I am committed to continue listening to the needs of our elderly population and increase awareness. I would like to recognize their autonomy and strength and support our existing effective elders’ organizations that facilitates their empowerment and the development of powerful, coordinated voice for our elderly communities issues, while recognizing their capacities and contributions to our community overall. Secondly, we need to establish an authentic support group for our senior residence, this includes allocated resources for quick responsive medical services or benefits for the inclusion of older people in existing programs, along with safety and security for any disadvantaged elders. Overall improving the quality of their lives.

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Being an educator has influenced the origination of my decision to extend my opportunities in leadership. it has granted me the opportunity and skills to develop a unique perspective that recognizes the need for macro level change and systemic reorganization with in our region. This has prompted me to engage in leadership forums and programming and ultimately pursue my current endeavors in leadership. It is my hope through this opportunity that I continue to build foundational leadership through discipline to increase professionalism that can be passed on to my community and youth that I lead and teach.

Founder and owner of Deep Lakes Resources LLC, located in St. Paul Minnesota.

I provide independent consultation with expertise in campaign managing and public relations to local organizations and to the community.

As a public relations specialist, finding a unique reputation an organization wants to uphold requires a voice that directs and establishes the institution's vision to its stake holders, both investors and the public. Our projects oversee communication between organization and the public. We develop methods to promote the programs message primarily through media and events. In line with political campaigning, I have featured in candidate forums and local news articles.

From experience, when I announced my candidacy for mayor, I needed to establish a grass root organizational structure and officially register my name with the Secretary of state. I am versed in Managing social media campaign tools and strategies including webpage and profile developing. During political campaign we utilized data entry resources to sight election probability. Applying qualitative and quantitative research to identify voter turnout and trends amongst candidate districts. In general, I do a clear oversight of campaign finances along state financial policy including seeking as well as receiving donations and grants.

Deep Lakes Resources LLC,

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Highlights of my Community Contribution

I am a member on the board of Directors for Saint Anthony Park Area Senior (SAPAS). I serve on the Public Relations committee and Finance committee. I am devoted to my work for this organization and am happy to give back to the people of this community.

Cohort member along with other inspiring organizational team members working to build a better twin cities.

Developing strategies that support the amalgamation of community and key regional organizations.

Involved in peer to peer networking that creates a web of support for professional development.

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Immersed and involved in continued education to refine my skills and professionalism to better serve my community.

Ready to provide assistance and practical services to contribute to organizational sponsorships that help shape community growth.

mapping, developing, and conducting career pathways.

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Career based learning

North Minneapolis

Bringing solutions to Socioeconomic issues by allocating funds for equitable financial literacy.

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St. Paul -Frogtown

Economic planning

Changing people lives with provided support through community volunteering.

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Civic Engagement

Twin Cities



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